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Welcome to Ostuni, the magical "white city" in Puglia. The Italians call it "Città Bianca" because the characteristic white houses are a breathtaking sight even from afar.

They have always been, but recently fashion designers and other luxury labels also discovered Ostuni's specialness. After Ibiza and Mykonos, here is the new "place to be". No wonder- because Puglia combines everything that makes Italy so charming. La dolce vita with excellent food, superb wines, magnificent beaches, rich history, diverse culture, remarkable architecture and, above all, a sea of centuries-old olive trees.

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Ostuni is the heart of Puglia and is located in the north of the Salento peninsula - the heel of the Italian boot. Here we are already in the very South, as the hot wind reminds us daily during the summer months.

I always wonder what makes this city so different and special. It is probably the mixture of Italian lifestyle, beauty and serenity. Nothing is perfect here, and that's precisely why it's so appealing. The narrow streets, winding staircases and balconies adorned with flowers enchant in unexpected ways, so that the historical sights such as the imposing cathedral, a masterpiece of Romanesque architecture and the medieval old town are almost taken for granted.

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The alleys of Ostuni

Every drive here is a highlight, because the landscape is so varied that you can't get enough of it. Always in view are the majestic olive trees rising from the red earth, then the funny trulli houses that pop up in the fertile countryside even away from the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Alberobello. And of course the small towns and villages, like Cisternino, Fasano, Martina Franca - one more beautiful than the other ...

There is so much more to tell, but I'll do that in separate posts about the many special features of this wonderful region.

I find it most enjoying to simply drift through the narrow streets here, browse traditional craft stores and enjoy the local cuisine in tiny cafes and restaurants. Orecchiette, burrata, capocollo and focaccia are not to be missed and, of course, at least one glass of ice-cold rosé from the region.

Ostuni is also an excellent starting point to discover the diversity of the Apulian countryside. Beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters, such as the beach of Torre Guaceto or Porto Cesareo on the other side of the peninsula on the Ionian Sea are just a few kilometers away.