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In Love with Puglia

Italy - for almost everyone everybody's darling in terms of cuisine & cellar, lifestyle, landscape and culture. I have already traveled to many of the twenty regions and enthusiastically join the Italy fans. But since I first discovered the heel of the boot many years ago, I was immediately fascinated by its uniqueness.

Puglia, and especially Salento, can almost still be called an "insider tip" in international tourism. Probably it has not yet penetrated beyond the borders of the country that the boot has a heel. Until recently, it was mostly northern Italians who spent their summer holidays here, but now you can already see that demand and interest are increasing year by year.

What makes Puglia so special for me, apart from culture, architecture, nature and Italian serenity? There are many little things and pretty details that are simply different.

Puglia is home to 60 million olive trees and has by far the highest olive population in all of Italy. A treat for the eye. Hidden within them are almost exclusively white houses whose construction was inspired by Greek and Moorish influence. The typical white masserias are historic manor houses that have been converted into romantic hotels and characterize the landscape, especially around Ostuni. The coastline is a nature reserve - so far and wide only umbrellas (in high summer) and no hotel castles of any kind to see.

Prickly pears - Fichi d'India try to compete with olives. You can see them everywhere on house driveways, in olive groves and on steep coastal slopes. They complete the landscape and the colorful fruits and light green "ears" form a harmonious contrast to the silver leaves of the olives.

The vacation home Casa Cupido combines all these many details that make Puglia special and immediately immerses its guests in a relaxed vacation atmosphere. The perfect place from which to explore the hot and hidden spots of the region.

What immediately strikes someone with a sense of aesthetics: all the place and towns are particularly beautiful. White houses, narrow streets, lovingly decorated with flowers and accessories. It is a real pleasure to drift here and stop in one of the many small restaurants or cafes.

The pasta is round and called orecchiette, the ham comes from the neck of the pig and is called capocollo. Instead of pizza, there is focaccia. Cucumbers are crossed with melons and the faba bean is a staple.